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Skip directly to search Skip directly to A to Z list Skip directly to navigation Skip directly to page options Skip directly to site content. Genetic Mutations and Disease. Buddy Creech got to see a sneak peek of the movie earlier this week. The Eukaryotic Cell Cycle and Cancer. Obesity happens over time when you eat more calories than you use. Outbreaks are usually noticed by an astute clinician, such as those who first noticed AIDS in New York City and San Francisco, but there are also many high tech disease detection systems available to help us spot any increase in illness. This module is for any health care provider who would like to establish core competence in testing for HIV, recognizing acute HIV infection, and linking persons diagnosed with HIV to medical care.

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In the Holiday Lectures on Science, leading medical researchers explain how advances in genomics are revolutionizing their work, leading to a better understanding of disease and to improved treatments. Cancer As a Genetic Disease. Understanding that cancer is caused by mutations in genes that regulate cell proliferation has led to the development of targeted drug therapies.

Dog Genomics and Dogs as Model Organisms. Elinor Karlsson discusses her work with dogs as a model organism for genomic studies. From Cancer Genomics to Cancer Drugs. Genetic data from a large number of tumor types reveal commonly mutated genes and uncover connections between different types of cancer. Decoding the Autism Puzzle. Over the past decade, the application of advanced DNA sequencing techniques has greatly increased our understanding of the genetic basis of autism.

Recent advances in DNA sequencing technology have led to a better understanding of the many genes that play a role in brain development.

Genomic Medicine, Autism, and Cancer. A student discussion with the lecturers of the Holiday Lectures on Science. In this hands-on genetic mapping activity students identify single nucleotide polymorphisms SNPs correlated with different traits in dogs. You seem to have a popup blocker enabled. If you want to skip this dialog please Always allow popup windows for the online course.

Quick Reference Rapidly access information in this module Screening and Diagnosis: Quick Reference Rapidly access information in this module Antiretroviral Therapy: In Development Coming Soon! Mental Disorders Screening Anxiety: Use this Search to quickly find items or navigate the site.

Funded by a grant from the Health Resources and Services Administration. Explore data from air quality monitors at select U. Compare air quality by county to help with planning a vacation or relocating to a different city.

Access air quality data from U. Create graphical displays, technical reports, or data files. Hawaii DOH reports that vog conditions may increase and fluctuate as Kilauea volcano continues to erupt. X No Data Available There are no current and forecast air quality data found near your location. Please visit the for a list of cities with data. Please search for a U. Teachers Students Health Professionals Weathercasters.

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