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Numi - an easier way to perform calculations on your Mac
Aamir Abro 81 1 2. Please share them in great detail below. Terms of Use Privacy Policy. Get Numi on Setapp. Calculator The built in Calculator on the iPhone. And since it's the primary function of your calculator, I would advise you to not grab some codez from the Web in this Case except all you want to do is building calculator GUIs. Log In Sign up.

A beautiful calculator app for Mac

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In the later lines, you can have the app use those variables for more complex calculations. Any green-text result will automatically copy to your clipboard when you click it. You can paste into any other app or document. To export or share an entire calculation, click the arrow at the bottom right of the window and choose from the pop-up menu.

Make sure to save the calculations you use most often for an even smoother experience. Numi - an easier way to perform calculations on your Mac 2.

Variables Numi supports the creation of custom variables in your calculations. Who said math has to be a pain? I want to get pro advice on Mac apps and exclusive member offers. Already have an account? Setapp uses cookies to personalize your experience on our website. Itsycal A tiny calendar for your Mac's menu bar get it. Numi A beautiful calculator app for Mac get it. Nicholas Gurney - Product Manager.

Next Meeting Quickly see your next meeting right in your menu bar. Cristian Moisei - Product Designer. Mike Bracco - Product at JibJab. Alfred 3 - The Mac's best launcher just got a whole lot better. Numi - A beautiful calculator app for Mac. View all 49 recommendations. What is your favorite macOS menubar app? Bartender 2 - Organize and hide menu bar items on your Mac.

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Numi. Beautiful calculator app for Mac.