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The lies of the haters can be seen by more people than ever before. Too many things to try to relay to you in detail so bullet points seem to be the best option. In time, the Avseniks' hundreds of original compositions became a central element in the Slovenian-American "Cleveland style" polka repertoire. In the back there was Moe Shadick, my grandfather who lived on and some other 'old' guys playing pinochle; they were always good for some small change. Anyways, when I got back, my laptop was gone, and so was one of the desktops.

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Sympathy - by Tipton & Hurst, Inc.

Belker, Hill and Renko's scam saloon operation to sniff out corrupt cops in South Ferry proves profitable despite "Captain Freedom's" help. Furillo visits Hunter at the hospital where a process server delivers more subpoenas from the Sullivan Commission.

After a lunch-time rendezvous with Joyce at the Hotel Francois, Frank testifies before the Sullivan Commission for the second time. He offers Daniels his gun and badge afterwards. Fay storms the Hill and confronts Furillo after she discovers one of Davenport's negligees amongst Frank Jr.

After competing in the interdepartmental poker finals, Bates must carefully fend off a sexual advance from Coffey. Jerry Fuchs refuses to help one of his own detectives after LaRue and Washington catch him forging prescriptions.

Goldblume dons a dress as a part of "Operation: Belker, Hill and Renko continue successful scam saloon until an attempted robbery forces them to blow their cover. Furillo is summoned to a crime scene and discovers public defender Pam Gilliam has been gunned down in a robbery. A devastated Joyce comes to Frank's office for comfort after identifying Gilliam's body at the morgue and later seriously questions her line of work.

Royal Blood gang colors were reportedly spotted at the scene and a sweep of a nearby playground nets the gun and, ultimately, the killer of Gilliam. After being nominated by Cleveland, Hill is elected vice president of the Black Officers' Coalition, causing friction with Renko. Goldblume sets his sights on taking down an abusive landlord. Belker's pet mouse - which he carries in his shirt pocket - meets an unfortunate end after a congratulatory pat.

The rodent's funeral in the station house men's room comes at an inopportune moment. LaRue starts drinking again. And after learning a technicality will force the gun to be tossed as evidence, Furillo tries in vain to get Bragg to testify against Harmon. Esterhaus is exposed to details of Grace's sexual past after she asks him for help with her neighbor and his barking dog. Belker gives Hunter and his EATers tips on venting rage.

Renko is injured when he rides with pushy officer Grebey and later confronts his disapproving father, who's in the hospital. Fay tries to identify with Hill, who is irritating everyone with his recruiting efforts for the BOC. LaRue, suffering a crisis of confidence, shows up drunk minutes before the PCP lab bust, forcing Washington to talk his way into a very dangerous situation.

Fuchs and Washington cover for LaRue, but a knowing Furillo senses the truth. Malkin , Jason Ross black officer story: Fallout from Pam Gilliam's murder continues to besiege the Hill. After a reward is offered for information in her slaying, Goldblume checks out a witness who seems too good to be true. A subsequent interrogation by Furillo confirms their suspicions, forcing the release of Bragg and Harmon. Coffey gets another black eye when he and Bates respond to a domestic call.

Belker laments growing older after he goes undercover as a hot dog vendor and loses a drug dealer during a foot chase. Furillo busts LaRue down to the motorpool, prompting the troubled detective to seek help. Hill gets his fill of BOC pressures and resigns. Esterhaus still stews over Grace's involving him in her problem with a former lover.

Frank and Joyce's plans are detoured after Fay is arrested at a sit-in at Chief Daniels office and are derailed entirely after Harmon is arrested for killing Bragg. Joyce grows more bitter as Harmon rubs Frank's nose in the fact he still walks on Gilliam's murder. Stanger senior citizen story: Frank watches as Joyce, still angry over the injustice in the Gilliam case, storms out of court while defending a repeat offender.

At a subsequent lunch, Frank offers little support - for which he later apologizes - when she tells him she's quitting PD's office. After losing a promotion to Chesley, a bitter Goldblume goes undercover to help catch a con team shaking down johns and is shot. Callentano threatens to quit due to money troubles and Esterhaus threatens to retire after his prize car is stolen.

Chief Daniels narrowly misses a verbal backlash from Fay when she witnesses him telling Furillo to "muzzle the little woman. Belker and Washington find pieces of Esterhaus' car when they raid a chop shop. Renko learns his father is dying of cancer. Full-scale negotiations are required before a benefit basketball game between the police and the gangs can take place. The cops victory ultimately is foiled by the Gypsy Boys. Belker and Washington go undercover to catch a robber hitting patrons in a porno theater's bathroom.

Tragedy strikes when Hill and Renko respond to a domestic call where a suicidal man is holding his girlfriend and their child hostage.

Furillo offers emotional support and advice to Goldblume, who has informed the captain of his impending divorce. Renko's family troubles persist as he briefly resists his dying father's request to go home.

Coffey and Bates discover two officers - one dead, the other seriously wounded - who were shot during a burglary. The deceased officer's wife lashes out at Furillo after he breaks the grim news, an all-too-frequent task.

In an effort to find the killer, everyone follows the bizarre trail of the gun used to shoot the officers. While taking his driver's test Belker chases down a robber. Furillo can't help but laugh when a panicked Fay tells him she found Frank Jr. A distraught Renko is forced to put his father back in the hospital after his condition worsens.

Joyce tells Frank she's been carrying a gun since Pam Gilliam's death. Shortly after his father succumbs to cancer, a distraught Renko learns that the hearse bearing his father's remains has been seized without regard for its cargo.

Hunter's morbid analysis of the situation repulses the other officers. Belker unknowingly finds Renko's dad while he is undercover, trying to find out who's been knifing winos. Coffey runs interference for Bates with her recently dumped lover, a Michigan Avenue commander. Davenport finds her faith renewed when she pulls out all the stops to defend a nice young man who is accused of rape.

Goldblume attempts to coax the young man's reluctant alibi to come forward, and Furillo also lends a hand when a big-gun prosecutor gets the case.

Washington confronts Furillo on his hardline stance against LaRue and asks him to consider letting his partner return. Fay and Goldblume cross paths at a singles bar. The Hill is on the verge of going up in flames after a Roman Catholic nun is raped and killed during a church robbery. Frank plays fast and loose with the rule book to capture and hold two young men accused of the crime.

And Joyce, who is assigned to defend one of the men, Celestine Gray, feels helpless as public opinion works to destroy her client. Joyce later confronts Frank about his zealous bending of the rules. Belker befriends a gay prostitute, Eddie Gregg, after arresting him. Calletano juggles work and a tax audit. Hot weather has tempers flaring on the Hill. Furillo's in the hot seat when he sits on a board of rights for fellow captain Lou Hogan, who is accused of neglecting his duties, and finds himself arguing against his old friend.

Goldblume and Belker go undercover to catch a man robbing ice cream vendors. Belker forgets his mother's birthday and Davenport helps him with a gift. Bates, Coffey, Hill and Renko investigate urban cattle rustling. LaRue and Washington interview for jobs at a posh resort in the Bahamas. Chief Daniels drops off movie star who will be filming a movie on the Hill.

Furillo and Fay clash over her all-too-frequent visits to the Hill to heap her problems on the beleaguered precinct captain.

A roast for Chief Daniels goes from bad to worse when a drunk Lou Hogan crashes the event and alleges indiscretions by officers on the Hill and other precincts. Frank tells Joyce he will follow up on Hogan's accusations, but his plans to talk to Hogan are foiled by the disgraced captain's suicide.

Furillo begins checking out charges made against his men and laments Hogan's death over lunch with Joyce at a hotel. The couple later decides to "murder" a half-hour upstairs. On Chief Daniel's order, Furillo releases city councilman Detweiler after Hill and Renko arrest him for drunken driving, but not without a verbal chastening. Hunter announces he is to undergo a biopsy on a tumor in his leg. LaRue continues to sulk over not getting the job in the Bahamas and he and Washington spend day serving subpoenas.

Gennaro shadows Belker and helps him make an arrest. A movie production manager and the city's film liason meet with gang leaders. Fay gets a job as a crime reporter for an less than reputable publication. Goldblume turns in his badge after Furillo - who was tipped off by Daniels - asks him about his involvement with a year-old prostitute. And Frank and Joyce's attempts to beat the heat have humorous results.

When it rains it pours. In a followup to another of Hogan's charges, LaRue and Washington bust two patrolmen for stealing from burglary victims. Renko's birthday turns out to be a not so happy occasion.

Hunter receives good news after his biopsy and meets a nice nurse. Washington turns down Bahama's job. Fay interviews Gennaro, who later shows up at Belker's drug buy and finds himself in the line of fire.

A drenched Joyce lays out plans for a quiet evening which are torpedoed by yet another phone call bearing bad news. Furillo faces a parent's worse fear when a distraught Fay tells him Frank Jr. Ever the legal eagle, Davenport crushes a nervous and unprepared Bates on the witness stand.

After he and Hill stop an assault, Renko pressures the victim to press charges. Calletano is named Hispanic Officer of the Year, but things get a little sticky after he airs his true feelings at a luncheon in his honor. Afterwards, he tenders his resignation which Furillo promptly refuses. Belker works undercover at a massage parlor. LaRue and Washington's response to a liquor store robbery has tragic results.

Joyce is injured when a suspect scuffles with officers in the squad room, prompting Frank to clean her assailant's clock when the man attempts to take her hostage. While trying to strike a deal with a cocaine peddler, LaRue and Washington encounter special narcotics undercover cop Stan Mizell. Furillo warns Fuchs to pull the reckless Mizell off the streets, but his efforts prove in vain. Hill has the unforunate task of trying to persuade an elderly black woman that she has to move from her condemned building.

Meanwhile, Goldblume tries to keep one of her neighbors who's afraid of the change of venue from jumping off the roof of the building. Fay and Furillo clash after she sells her Gennaro story and he hints she repay the loan he made her. Belker foils a heist while applying for a bank loan to help pay for his father's medical care.

The fast-moving nurse Wulfawitz and Hunter meet again. Once again, Furillo finds himself in a political whirlpool when the Mizell homicide probe thrusts him between mayoral candidates Daniels and Detweiler. Furillo warns Fuchs of the power play and urges his friend to play by the numbers. On the bright side, LaRue and Washington bust a suspect in the Mizell slaying. A still bruised Joyce returns to work.

Fay agrees to go out with Wachtel after her Gennaro article is misconstrued by the rag she sold it to. Belker doggedly investigates a clever scam using bums to file injury insurance claims. Coffey tries to help a fellow Vietnam veteran who's suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. After taking a robbery victim and suspect to the hospital, Hill narrowly misses having his boil lanced by a mental patient posing as a doctor, and Renko's hasty words to a young doctor land him in trouble with Furillo.

Sydney nurse , Sandra J. While Mizell is laid to rest, LaRue and Washington inventory the contents of his safety deposit box and find hard proof of his corruption. Chief Daniels pushes Furillo to remain silent about how dirty Mizell was, but later takes the stalwart captain's advice to come clean on the whole affair. Daniels' actions torpedo Detweiler's plans to bring him down and the angry councilman gets drunk and runs over an old lady.

Fay tells Furillo her home was burglarized and that the culprits made off with her belongings, including all their home movies. Bates and Coffey stumble into a sad family situation when they try to help an abused young girl with her baby. Belker wraps up his insurance scam probe with a visit to the doctor - much to Hill's embarrassment - and the arrest of Wachtel.

Hunter pops the question to nurse Wulfawitz. Joyce bolsters Frank after he expresses his dislike of Daniels and the political game he was forced to play. While touring the Hill, the governor's dog is stolen and Daniels launches a massive search operation much to Furillo's disdain. After a ransom demand is made, Furillo enlists the gangs in their search for the pooch. Academy graduates arrive on the Hill. Rookie Robin Tattaglia helps LaRue and Washington arrest a murder suspect - the two detectives then try to chase down an autopsy report.

Belker busts the bald-headed pickpocket again and enlists Eddie Gregg as his snitch. Furillo confronts Nydorf over a missing autopsy report.

After a quarrel with Renko, Teresa makes a pass at Coffey. Fay is jailed for contempt in traffic court, but her persistence pays off. A rookie officer freezes and his partner is nearly stabbed. Hill launches his relationship with officer Marty Nichols, and dog metaphors are the order of the evening for Frank and Joyce.

Furillo and Bernstein try to make a murder case minus the victim's body or an autopsy report. As they depart their room following a lunch-time tryst at the Embassy Hotel, Frank and Joyce have an awkward and somewhat humorous encounter with Fay and Judge Grogin.

Esterhaus' best-laid plans to propose to Grace are temporarily sidetracked when his engagement ring is stolen in a jewelry store robbery - Belker arrests one of the culprits, paving the way for a riotous interrogation.

Teresa dumps Renko and then goes out with Coffey. The Phantom makes one last appearance. A fear-stricken Eddie Gregg implicates his lover in the savage murders of a group of Peruvian drug dealers - LaRue, Washington and Belker go after him by way of Sid. Jesus Martinez has the governor's staff jumping through the hoops when he brings in some information about the missing dog. An overconfident Nydorf refuses to heed Furillo's warning not to testify at a preliminary hearing and, consequently, Joyce skillfully shreds his credibility on the stand.

It's a heat wave - at least in the station house where the furnace, "Big Bertha," won't shut off. After a failed attempt by Calletano and his wife to set up Esterhaus with a lady, Grace pays a visit to the Hill. The governor's dog is returned, but tragicomedy strikes when the pooch is left in Hunter's keeping.

A jealous Renko confronts Coffey, then Teresa. A rookie officer reconsiders his career as a policeman. There's no place like the Hill for the holidays. Yuletide cheer is in short supply as Furillo concentrates on finding four marauding youths who have already claimed several victims. Washington's guilt over shooting an innocent store owner surfaces.

Hill's vagabond father, Reggie, drops by the station house. Hunter clashes with a waitress suffering from the holiday blues. Buck Naked flashes Fay. While undercover as Santa, Belker busts a youngster interfering with his operation.

After taking toys to kids in the hospital, Hunter and several other officers - wearing seasonal costumes - chase robbery suspects. Bates is hurt during the pursuit and is forced to spend the holiday in the hospital. Frank, Joyce and Frank Jr. An armored car robbery nets a s political radical and has far-reaching effects. Joyce lands the political militant as a client.

An overconfident FBI agent noses into the investigation, but his information proves to be slightly out of date. Belker's stakeout of an arcade turns deadly when officer Dorsey goes across the street for some coffee and is shot by one of the robbery suspects. And Furillo deals with the captured suspects to get the one who shot his officer. Bates gets an embarrassing birthday surprise, but later gets even with Coffey. Fay storms the Hill in a fit of jealousy over Frank Jr. Hunter has a toothache.

Tattaglia and Belker bond after Dorsey's death. And everyone tries a new takeout Chinese restaurant with unsettling effects. After his daughter is raped, a veteran cop tries to interfere in Furillo's search for the rapist.

A terrified young woman seeks help with her malevolent ex-boyfriend from the newly-promoted Lt. Chief Daniels takes a walking tour of Dekker Avenue and is bitten by a rat, and Hunter mobilizes a search for the wounded rodent. Fay seeks Furillo's help and advice after Frank Jr. Bates and Coffey arrest a survivalist and Davenport is assigned as his counsel. The survivalist meets a tragic end when Donleavy mistakes him for the man who raped his daughter.

Renko's arrest for indecent exposure at a bachelor party gets him busted down to traffic ticket duty where he tangles with Det. Joyce tells Frank she has a job interview with the Justice Department. Joyce leaves for her interview with the Justice Department and Frank wrestles with his fears of losing her while trying to run his precinct.

Big Broom," a sweep aimed at cleaning up one block of Dekker Avenue and the courts are flooded as a result. Furillo calls off the operation because he feels citizens' rights are being trampled, leading to a confrontation with Chief Daniels.

Renko is restored to motor patrol after he saves several people from a burning building. Esterhaus offers to teach Frank Jr. Goldblume is unsuccessful in his efforts to help a terrified young woman being stalked by her ex-boyfriend.

Hill lets his fists do the talking and knocks the brutal Benedetto down a peg or two. After having dinner with parole officer Nancy McCoy, Frank's fears of losing Joyce are compounded when his attempt to call her at her hotel proves unsuccessful. LaRue gets his hands on a surplus military tank to use in "Operation: Calletano tries out a toupee. While in court for another traffic ticket, Fay confronts Judge Grogin about their doomed relationship.

Goldblume harasses some gang members who are threatening a young man who killed one of their members in self defense. Belker and Tattaglia express feelings for each other. A jealous and anxious Frank grills Joyce about her job interview and expresses his fears of losing her. Williamson Raymond Hawkins Jr. The senior criminology class of St. Mary's visits the Hill. Furillo confronts Jesus Martinez over using him as a credit reference and an illegal investment of grant money.

Belker's dad is sick. Coffey has to deal roughly with a man high on PCP, and when the man later dies in custody, the officer is accused of killing him.

Davenport snags a savage kneebuster for a client. Fay tells Furillo she's pregnant with Judge Grogin's child. Belker protectiveness of Tattalia nearly endangers their relationship. Belker busts two old guys for armed robbery. A testy Furillo mediates a clash over seniority and rank between Goldblume and Callentano. LaRue sees dollar signs after Hill and Renko arrest stand-up comic Vic Hitler on a bunch of unpaid traffic tickets.

The Justice Department offers Joyce a job, and she and Frank take very different views on what if could mean for them. Furillo is convinced of his officer's innocence and goes after the man who was in the cell next to Tatum, a kneebuster named Sonny Crockett.

Crockett tells a story which delights the internal affairs investigators. Belker's dad dies and Furillo breaks the bad news. Calletano still sulks over Furillo's honest evaluation of his captaincy potential. LaRue makes a fool of himself with a schoolgirl and devises a plan to make money off comic Vic Hitler. Fay tries to get Judge Grogin to admit his paternity of her baby. Joyce turns down the Justice Department job, and after a emotional, honest encounter Frank proposes.

Tatum , Stack Pierce Rev. Fallout from Lynn Tatum's death continues to rain on the Hill. Coffey takes a polygraph and Furillo and Goldblume attend a town meeting to soothe the outrage over Tatum's death. Davenport withdraws from Crockett's case when he says he plans to commit perjury. Bates goes undercover as a bus driver and gets a little backup from Hill and Renko. LaRue preps Vic Hitler for his comic debut, which turns out to be a bust. Tattaglia transfers to another precinct.

Fay decides to have her baby. Frank and Joyce get married in a lunchtime ceremony, and Fay freaks out when Furillo breaks the news. After his father's funeral, Belker drives around and helps catch a robber who shot a cop.

Newlyweds Frank and Joyce embark on a night of bliss. The brutal narcotics Det. Benedetto temporarily transfers to the Hill and partners with Washington to investigate a loan shark. The operation results in the death of kneebuster Sonny Crockett and Benedetto's true colors are revealed. Leo helps drug addict Rico go cold turkey. While investigating the murder of a man in a homeless shelter, Joyce, Frank and Goldblume question a suspect who appears to have multiple personalities.

Fay's upset when Frank Jr. After nurse Wulfawitz dumps Hunter, he meets a nice Vietnamese girl at a massage parlor. While undercover on Benedetto's loan-sharking operation, Washington is shot. Officers have a little fun with the robot TK Goldblume tries to catch the man with multiple personalities after he escapes from county psych and sets off a bomb at the station house.

A cash-strapped Hill and Renko find a bag full of temptation, but it loses it's appeal when their patrol car is stolen with the unreported cash inside. LaRue tries to stack the deck in his favor in the Buddy Genett body parts pool. Furillo hauls in loan shark Simone at Daniels insistance. Belker and LaRue go on a rampage to find out what ruined a police drug transaction that almost cost Washington's life.

Benedetto feels their investigation closing in on him and tries to make a run for it, but things don't turn out quite like he planned. Fay learns her baby's a girl and asks Esterhaus to be godfather. Frank and Joyce's lunchtime tryst is derailed by an eldery, out-of-breath hotel attendant. Crockett's death allows Joyce to clear Coffey in the Tatum death. Joyce represents a charming and polite purse snatcher.

The cash payroll is hijacked and fingers point to Jesus Martinez after the hijackers are arrested. Rico gets high again. The only witness to a massacre at a gay bar is an off-duty cop, Det. Art Bradley, who is reluctant to come forward for fear of losing his job and family. LaRue and Washington antics to catch the killer endanger the case. And Furillo forces Bradley to make a difficult choice.

A major power outage strikes the Hill during hot weather and officers are overburdened with problems resulting from the blackout. Calletano has a kidney stone. The Cisco Kid creates trouble on the Hill and Davenport has the honor of defending him. Goldblume offers to be Fay's natural childbirth coach. The mayoral campaign is in full swing: Fisk moves into a crime-ridden housing project despite Furillo's warnings of a gang power struggle. In efforts to curb the escalating gang violence and keep Fisk safe, the precinct captain lays down "Furillo's Law" with the gang leaders and plays an ace, angering Goldblume and Hector Ruiz in the process.

Belker goes undercover in a fish market that's being harassed to sign a protection contract. Belker has a run-in with Deputy Chief Mahoney, who's trying to ride herd on Furillo's precinct.

Coffey and Bates bust a couple of lady mud wrestlers. Esterhaus fusses over Fay, who's in her final days of pregnancy. Joyce and Frank's evening is interrupted when a 9-year-old kid is killed in a drive-by shooting.

Furillo is forced to make a difficult decision after Hector Ruiz takes Fisk hostage. A Midtown vice cop warns Furillo of Hill's gambling problem. LaRue and Washington salvage a man's severed arm. Still on desk duty, Belker makes a food run and ends up capturing a robber. Davenport defends a frantic West Indian cabbie who shot a man he thought was a robber.

Hill's gambling habit gets worse and his attitude alienates many of his friends. Goldblume and Fay grow closer as her due date nears. Fisk's return to the housing project ends in disaster - much to Daniels morbid delight. Kiki finds the knife and tries to persuade Eldridge to change his story with tragic results.

Put on desk duty, Belker lectures merchants recently victimized by crime and loses his temper when the attendees voice their complaints about the police. Hill's behavior gets worse and Renko tries to stop his partner's downward spiral. Furillo and Goldblume talk things out. Shooter of 9-year-old kid becomes victim of gang violence. Coffey sulks after Bates scores higher on the sergeant's exam.

Daniels has Mahoney drop the charges against Furillo and his officers. Fay has her baby. The shooting of a little boy by officer Perez becomes political fodder when Mahoney tries to make capital for Chief Daniels out of the tragedy by forcing Furillo to arrest the boy's mother on child-endangerment charges.

Frank and Joyce and Bernstein seem the only ones aware that two lives are being destroyed for political gain. Ozzie Cleveland enters the mayoral race - much to Daniels displeasure.

Bates scuffles with a junkie and ends up in the hospital where she meets a nice doctor. Preston Ozzie Cleveland story: Hill and Renko nab the "Emily Post bandit" - with the help of his junkie girlfriend - and the dye packs leave Renko a little green. The bandit escapees and takes a hostage and Goldblume must negotiate a peaceful surrender. Fay's timely arrival at the station house puts the shaft to Chief Daniels in front of press corps. Judge dismisses charges against Mrs.

Robson and Davenport advises her to file a civil suit. Wachtel shows up - in drag - at Murray's Wonderland just before the owner, his client, is killed in a shootout. Election day proves trying for everyone: Frank and Joyce are among those who attend the Robson boy's funeral; Mahoney turns on Daniels and tries to burn Furillo in the process; Hunter meets a nice lady who steals his wallet; Goldblume tries to keep a last-minute candidate clear of the polling places and later must foil the man's attempt to injure the mayoral-race victor, Ozzie Cleveland.

Funeral plots up for bid arouse morbid thoughts for Coffey, but Bates and Hunter seize the opportunity to invest in their futures, so to speak. Wachtel returns to the Hill - his attire proves a major source of amusement for Frank and Joyce - to report gangsters threatening to torch Murray's Wonderland. Hill and Renko deliver money collected from Hill Street officers to Mrs. Furillo tries to help Perez' family and Joyce tags along when Frank goes to visit his troubled officer.

The vice squad ignores Furillo's report on a bookie joint operating out of a candy story and the captain decides to take it down with his men. The busted bookie, Seltzer, turns over several tapes incriminating cops on the take, including a rookie Hunter, and the EATer leader later attempts suicide.

Bates and Coffey clean up "Buck Naked" for a court appearance at the trial of cab company owner and driver - the judge vacates the guilty verdict and Joyce confesses suspicions to Frank. Belker pursues a paraplegic who spray painted his car, which was parked in a handicapped zone. Hill boxes for the precinct against Al Simmons.

Fay and Goldblume take their relationship in a more intimate direction. The frightened bookie Ben Seltzer gives up a payoff drop point which nets a corrupt judge. Furillo tells chief of corruption at Midtown vice and ADA Bernstein unites with precinct captain to launch a covert investigation.

Belker gets some unexpected help when he goes undercover in a wheelchair - but tragedy is just around the corner. Fay and Goldblume plan a weekend getaway. Bates and Coffey apprehend Honky the Goose and is literally choked up by his reunion with his owner.

Furillo pulls favor from Daniels to spare Hunter, who refuses to admit he attempted suicide or needs any help, an IAD hearing. Hill gets his bell rung in his last fight for the precinct. Frank expresses his fears about the possiblity of corruption in the ranks to Joyce. Three visiting Russians bring their personal problems to the Hill. Marty Nichols returns to the Hill. Joyce's mother is coming for a holiday visit, putting the Furillos in a lodging quandary.

Belker finds a glut of action while working undercover as an ambulance attendant to stop a recent rash of pharmaceutical robberies.

After his brother-in-law is busted for soliciting a police officer, LaRue uses situation to help his transportation woes. Joyce seeks comfort from Frank after her efforts to keep a mentally troubled young man out of jail result in tragedy.

Fay and Goldblume worry about how to tell Furillo about their relationship, but the observant police captain figures it out for himself. The cop killer raises his tally to four by gunning down two officers on patrol. Daniels tries to short circuit Cleveland's corruption task force by exposing a network within the special vice detail - Furillo and Bernstein's six-week-old investigation leads them to three men. Belker goes undercover as a bag lady to catch a slasher. Daryl Ann buys the wrong motorcycle for Renko at a police auction.

Leo employs an odd exterminator after rats invade the station house. Henry and Fay separately confront Furillo about his behavior toward them. Hunter helps keep suicidal woman from jumping off building with her son. Joyce behaves oddly about buying a house and later reveals the source of her demeanor to Frank - she's unable to have children.

While on the way home, Frank encounters an armed robbery and is forced to shoot the perpetrator while Joyce watches from the car. Rutledge , Don Blakely Mr. Furillo struggles through what he is believes it the worst 24 hours ever on the Hill: A cop killer roams the precinct; the corruption investigation into the vice squad strikes close to home when officer Marty Nichols is gunned down; and the emotional fallout from the knowledge Joyce can't have children and the fact he killed a man weigh heavily on the precinct captain.

Joyce rebuffs Fay's attempt to reach out to her. The rats return to the station house and the exterminator tries bagpipes this time. Esterhaus is hospitalized for tests. Goldblume and Davenport try to protect a woman and her children from her abusive husband, but tragedy strikes. Double-parking pimp gets just desserts in an encounter with Fay. Joyce and Frank have a heart-to-heart after a trying couple of days.

Mann Judge Lee Oberman story: Furillo and Bernstein take down corrupt vice cops and reveals that Marty Nichols was corrupt. And Furillo loses his old friend Jerry Fuchs as the corruption investigation winds down. A romantic triangle transfers to the Hill and comes to a boil. Belker goes undercover as a rabbi to catch guys robbing synagogue. Coffey meets a nice paralegal and later is shot by the cop killer. Fay and Davenport mend fences.

The cop killer turns himself in, but not before he has Hunter in his sights. Still upset over not being able to have children, Davenport refuses to represent Jose the pimp. Frank promises Joyce they won't let the marriage kill their love affair. With his own emotions barely under wrap, Furillo makes an unusual appearance during roll call to inform his officers of Sgt. Esterhaus' death and cautions the devastated lot "to be careful out there.

Furillo learns he is executor of Esterhaus' estate, comforts Grace and asks Bates to take over as roll-call sergeant. Perez returns to duty. Coffey's girlfriend is raped. Overcrowding at the Michigan Avenue Complex prompts a judge to release a large number of criminals. Bates and Pilsky take part in "Operation: Pussycat" designed to catch early-morning johns. Jesus tries to help police catch guys robbing meat delivery trucks. Leo finds out his wife is having an affair.

An unaware rookie officer busts Fay for solicitation - much to her amusement. With emotion filling his voice, Furillo reads a letter from Esterhaus at roll call turning out the day shift one last time.

Furillo tries to find way around the legal restrictions on scattering Esterhaus' remains on the Hill. Officers still struggle with grief over sergeant's death. Goldblume is fascinated by a high-end call girl held on murder charges whose elite clientele has newspapers bidding for her story and her fearful clients threatening her life; his fascination puts Fay off and they are robbed as the leave a restaurant. Downtown bean-counter looks for office supply thief on the Hill.

Coffey and his girlfriend continue to have problems. Bates impending assignment as roll call sergeant upsets Coffey. Belker has run-in with a religious nut while trying to catch pickpockets.

Rodriguez brothers arrested again - this time for murder. Fuchs returns to Hill trying to drum up business for his private security firm. Clara Pilsky , Larry D.

A judge intent on elevating jail conditions threatens to release more of the court's overflow back into the streets, and Furillo and Bernstein team up in an effort to stop him. Bates gets off to a rough start as roll call sergeant. Renko pulls a hernia when he and Hill help an obese woman stuck in a bathtub.

New khaki officer, Natalie DeRoy, arrives on the Hill. LaRue and Washington investigate the death of a street kid. Hill Street officers, Frank and Joyce attend Esterhaus' memorial service. Coffey and Sandy agree to make another go at it. Buck Naked is arrested again. After Whitney Barnes' pimp turns himself, a professional hitman guns him down in the station house.

Fay and Goldblume split. Furillo honors Esterhaus' last wishes and scatters his ashes on the Hill, despite the fact it's illegal. Stop 'N' Cop" begins, Furillo gets himself into hot water by criticizing the project, which was began at the mayor's urging. Davenport finds herself looking down a gun barrel when the brother of the man she's defending silences the prosecution witness, and she ultimately is torn between her fears and her duty.

Belker has a final run in with his bald-headed pickpocket with many names. Bates' new promotion leaves her feeling a little left out. Fay and Goldblume agree to remain friends. As the pressure mounts on her to identify Timothy Mullins as Talbot's shooter, Joyce swallows her fear and comes forward. William Mullins promises Frank that Joyce will die if she testifies and Frank makes Mullins a promise of his own.

While attempting to limit the damage from his criticism of the mayor and "Operation: Stop 'N' Cop," an angry Furillo makes matters worse with the press and Chief Daniels later relieves him of command. Hunter takes Fay to lunch. A census taker disappears while working on the Hill. A pregnant Daryl Ann asks Renko to marry her. LaRue is out sick and Det. Harry Garibaldi joins Washington and Belker on stakeout. Officer Pilsky guns down a suspect while working backup on "Stop 'N' Cop.

Division and the mayor's office order all Hill Street cops to back up "Operation: Stop 'n' Cop" with both tragic Pilsky freezes and is shot and killed and impressive a raid nets a heroin factory results.

Goldblume and Calletano struggle to run the station command. Furillo tries to resist taking a drink and gets moral support from Fay. Davenport and Fay counsel Jesus Martinez' pregnant girlfriend. Armed with a videotape of the chief with prostitute Whitney Barnes, Calletano goes to bat for Furillo.

Renko pops the question to Daryl Ann. And Frank and Joyce make a trade: Expiring treaties result in gang violence on the Hill. The mayor's gang appointee to the Youth Corps Summer Job Program comes, a former Blood, under fire for favoritism and a Diablos member threatens to kill him. Garibaldi tries to save himself some money by doing some unofficial police work for a guy whose car he rearended.

Hunter and Fay battle over city money for his equestrian unit and her unwed mother counseling program. Belker, with Hill and Renko as backup, goes undercover in "Operation: Straight Flush" to nab video poker vendors and is nearly exposed by agents from another agency. Joyce stuns Frank when she disappears for a day and then reluctantly asks for a few weeks to herself to sort out her feelings.

Gang violence rips through the Hill and Furillo puts pressure on the Bloods and Diablos for a truce after he learns Jesus Martinez is no longer running Diablos. An angry Peabody rejoins the Bloods and goes to the loan sharks - sharks being the operative word - Belker has infiltrated to trade drugs from money to finance a gang war with the Diablos.

Coffey and Davis arrest a man eating his car. Fay makes a pass at Furillo. Hunter's horse takes ill. Davenport represents a gigolo who wants to rush his case to court to avoid out-of-state warrants. Calletano prepares for a game show appearance on "Lucky Ducks. Frank and Joyce have dinner and discuss their future. Furillo taps Jesus Martinez to negotiate a cease fire and treaties between the gangs.

Coffey bets money for Renko's wedding present on a horse that will mean instant cash or crash. Renko and Hill test drive patrol car with new computer and it is stolen. Belker's loan sharks commandeer a prison bus and demand him in exchange for their hostages. Fay apologizes to Furillo for making a pass at him. Garabaldi talks Goldblume into trying an unusual video dating service - he hooks a dominatrix. Hunter's horse takes a turn for the worse. Renko has second thoughts as his wedding approaches.

LaRue returns for the nuptials Frank and Joyce spend the night together before she leaves on her Paris vacation. Back to top Episode Number and Title. The fifth season gets off to a tense start as the impending execution of Celestine Gray for the rape and murder of a Roman Catholic nun upsets many on the Hill.

Goldblume takes some flack for his views on capital punishment. Frank is infuriated by a news article on the execution which infers his separation from Joyce, now in the fourth month, was a result of the case. Davenport works down to the wire for her client. And Jerry Fuchs, now a private investigator, conducts a last-minute investigation in hopes of staying the execution. The new roll call sergeant, Stanislaus Jablonski, is called out by a woman. Belker, LaRue and Washington launch "Operation: Flea Bag" at a flop house in an attempt to catch junkies, hookers, fences, etc.

Bates, who returns to patrol, and Coffey catch a man stealing ice from a small store and later chase him down in a stolen ice cream truck with the body of his mother in the back. While working for the Victims' Aid pilot program, Fay tries to help an out of town couple who've lost everything to thieves.

Laura Ann Renko is born. Mayo and Furillo have dinner and he must politely refuse her advances. Goldblume takes the law into his own hands when his ex-wife Rachel is raped and she refuses to press charges.

Renko's new role as a father has him considering a career change. Goldblume's position on capital punishment continues to cause friction. The Fimples are robbed again, this time at the telegraph office. Belker's undercover at the Stratford Hotel ends with Calletano and the Fimples taken hostage. A domestic situation turns into a hostage crisis and Hunter tries to defend an EATer's callous remarks after the gunman is killed.

Davenport tries in vain to get the man who fingered Celestine in nun's slaying, Gerald Champan, to change his dubious story. Joyce and Frank attend the execution. LaRue picks up woman in bar after telling her he's Goldblume and against capital punishment. Furillo reprimands Goldblume for brutalizing Rachel's rapist and later takes the him off a murder case when the victim turns out to be the rapist's common-law wife. Two new rookies arrive on the Hill - Lawrence Swann, a nervous kid with a stammer, and the obnoxious Randall Buttman.

A prostitute killer continues to terrorize the city. LaRue gets a slap in the face when his conquest visits the station to return his wallet. Belker is plagued by a mime when he dons a chicken suit to catch robbers hitting fast food places. LaRue puts moves on woman who's car radio was stolen, but she's moves faster than he does. Hunter insults a female khaki officer, who barricades herself in the men's room.

Buttman earns a lecture from Furillo after he ruffles feathers of veteran officers. Airwave," Mayo and Garibaldi bust a bogus cable TV installer whose client list contains some interesting names, including Davenport. Frank utilizes Joyce's predicament to negotiate his return home. At a party for rookies, Buttman turns loose a hooker on the timid Swann while the others watch. Patrolman Swann kills himself after an initiation party at the Kubiak Lodge and leaves behind two letters.

The hooker from the rookie party turns up dead and the investigators are unsure who killed her - Buttman in a copycat murder or the prostitute killer who's still on the loose. Washington pressures Garfield to tell the truth about party. Calletano, Goldblume and Hunter quarrel over a government study grant.

LaRue tells Furillo about his night with a murder victim's wife, but Mayo is suspicious of woman. Renko eats his way across the precinct unaware he's being followed by an investigative TV reporter. Hill tries to stop the embarrassing footage from airing with a plea to the reporter, Lynn Williams. Drumstick" goes into second day: Belker stumbles into a heroin-dealing operation and nabs a junkie with box of drugs.

Thinking about a down payment on a house, Joyce talks Frank into taking the study grant. Against his captain's counsel, LaRue returns to Caroline Reynold's house and kills a "robber.

Randall Buttman , Mykel T. He suspects she set him up and sets out to prove it. In the wake of Buttman's arrest, all the rookies who attended the Kubiak party are canned - including Garfield. Washington fumes and Furillo talks to Chief Daniels in an effort to keep his detective from quitting. Goldblume pushes to tie Buttman to the hooker killing.

Jablonski deals with a woman who reports her cat stolen. Everyone tries a new Bengali restaurant, whose cuisine is of questionable origin.

Renko loses his apetite after a TV newswoman exposes his fondness for doughnuts and when he later witnesses an obese man taking the "all you can eat" salad bar to the extreme.

The prostitute killer strikes again and takes shots at Hill and Renko. DeRoy asks Schnitz over for a home-cooked meal. LaRue licks his wounds with Washington. Joyce and Frank agree not to bring their work home. Furillo and his officers are under pressure to catch the killer of the Rev.

Booker Simons, who was shot while trying to dissuade a thief from stealing his car. The investigation endangers Belker, who's undercover in a chop shop. And Fay damages their investigation by revealing information to Booker's wife within earshot of Davenport.

Narcotics Inspector Joe Keenan ruffles feathers on the Hill as he investigates 18 heroin-overdose deaths brought on by the Columbian wars. The pressure mounts on Furillo when an impound lot officer is shot, linking the Simons killing to the heroin epidemic. Hill and Renko find a dead animal lover in his bed and a sheep in the bathroom.

A hooker busted in a sweep shows Hunter her assets. Jesus rises again - this time he's a law student with questionable academic credentials. Davenport tries to help a very young hooker straighten out and receives a brief scare when she's urgently summoned to the station house. Joyce reminds Frank that she doesn't like her clients to be questioned without counsel present.

Crandall , Janet MacLachlan Mrs. The imminent release of an year-old convicted murderer, Floyd Green, who's made threats against witnesses, creates tension and counter-threats from some angry citizens. After he is busted for possession, Judge Wachtel orders the cops to stay yards away from the young killer - a decision he later regrets.

Green kills a bus driver, shoots it out with an angry citizen and later threatens Davenport when her legal counsel is not to his liking, but justice is ultimately served. Khaki officer DeRoy's assets are revealed when her shirt is ripped in a squad room brawl. A court-appointed attorney brings his cynical attitude to the Hill. LaRue and Washington launch "Operation: Bummer" to catch robbers preying on bums and stumble across some stolen airline tickets.

Belker is assigned to escort a prisoner from Las Vegas back to the Hill - he gets a little company when several officers catch the "blue flu" after acquiring some discount airline tickets.

Thirdly, the riverine operation has no parallel in the history of warfare. All of these operations are unique innovations effectively adapted to the situation in South Vietnam.

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