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Experimental Design in Science: Definition & Method
Painting demonstrations are designed to help each student understand the objective of the assignments. The renovation also included electric vehicle charging stations, composting and recycling programs, water conservation, and material reuse. GovSearch is organized in five topic areas. Introduces skills in welding and metal fabrication as well as individual media choices. Apply elements into CAD designs with circuit boards, wiring, and cabling.


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The scientific society that published this book and my Diving Physiology book, above, and Chamber Technician and Nurse book, below ended all their publications. I am working to make these available through another publisher. Apologies that this book, which I hoped to finish, even if only in electronic format, was delayed. I worked extra for my Academy students during the previous year, and could not do the work needed to release the book. I will continue work and hope for Chock-filled, fun to read compendium of diving nursing and chamber technology, physiology, physics, clinical practice, and hyperbaric treatment of diving and non-diving conditions.

Includes all 13 approved indications for clinical hyperbaric oxygen treatment complete with protocols, chamber equipment, codes, fire safety, regulations, patient care, Transcutaneous Oximetry the whole TCom module and "How to Take a Test. NEW updated test questions, with answers, step by step calculations, and explanations, all written in Plain English. The Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society stopped publishing most of their books. I am looking for a new publisher. Scientific evidence for approved indications by leading experts in the field, for scientists, practitioners of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and their patients.

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Seven Stories of Science Gone Wrong. Check this good read of science misused. Engaging and rich with connected interesting helpful information. Important book by Dr. Offit, who earned the Sabin Gold Medal Award. Laser capability that would have taken Tomb Raider to annual sequels regardless of the bad writers, with added treat to Tomb Raider of Red Dwarf's Chris Barrie.

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And most projects in India are required by law to incorporate rainwater harvesting. In the United States, the best projects have a responsible landscape plan that has the appropriate amount of irrigation.

Electricity and natural gas are regulated by the federal government, but water and sewer systems are regulated locally. So I might convince a water district to adopt the right conservation standards and to project future water use based on the assumption that new homes really are going to use less water.

But then in the next town, I have to start all over explaining these issues to the water district there. It would be great if we could get federal legislation that requires ultra-low-flow fixtures or limits outdoor landscape irrigation, but water is regulated by local municipal ordinance.

But the total amount of water used for human activities in buildings, like drinking, bathing, and washing, is relatively small. We actually eat more water than we drink: Department of Agriculture, nearly 80 percent of water is used for agricultural uses across the United States. So to really conserve water, we have to address the agricultural sector. Many metropolitan water authorities are serving more people with less water than they ever have, because of all the water-saving technologies and strategies now available.

If everybody in a community or region had low-flow toilets and low-flow showerheads, that would greatly reduce water consumption. The biggest impact comes from many people making a small change. Link to article http: Stacee, an architecture project manager at LHB, is a licensed architect in Minnesota with 15 years of experience. His background includes electrical power and control design, including electrical building layouts, VFD and switchgear control, PLC layout, power distribution, and control schematics.

As a Certified Qualified Commissioning Process Provider QCxP , Todd has specialized in commissioning and retro-commissioning of mechanical systems to enhance their performance in addition to HVAC design in a variety of building and project types. He is a licensed Professional Engineer in the state of Minnesota and has earned his U.

In addition to city engineering, Jason also has previous experience in land development working throughout the Twin Cities for a national home builder. Jean is a graduate of St. Olaf College with a B. She was admitted to the Minnesota bar in and the Illinois bar in Prior to joining LHB, Jean gained diverse legal experience through judicial clerkships, practicing product liability litigation for a Minnesota law firm, and serving as in-house counsel for U.

Customs and Border Protection. Her expertise and experience in state and federal law help LHB manage risks. The Midwest Facility Masters Conference is for facility managers, buildings and grounds supervisors, school business managers and district administrators to gain a new perspective on technology, procedures, processes, and impacts of the facility and staffing decisions in their districts.

For more conference information visit http: The ENR list ranks the largest U. The Zweig Group recognizes fast growing architecture, engineering, planning, and environmental consulting firms in the United States and Canada.

These firms have outperformed the economy and competitors to become leaders in their chosen fields. As the second location of Seward Co-op, the Friendship Store was designed to be a full service grocery store with community amenities and a high degree of energy efficiency and environmental responsibility.

Working together as a team striving for a sustainable and functional project, the Friendship Store involved collaboration between Seward Co-op management, the construction manager, and the architectural and engineering team working to include innovative and creative solutions.

Together, the team participated in solutions that balanced the design intent, initial cost, and the desire to minimize future operating costs. LEED Certified projects are more efficient, use less water and energy, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Live event in Shanghai, China October 25 — During the Inside the Factory: Minnesota currently imports 72 percent of the energy it consumes, mostly fossil fuels such as coal and oil. I look forward to working with stakeholders and the Legislature next year to build an energy future that is good for our environment, health, and economy. The Action Plan is the result of a two-year project funded by a competitive grant awarded to the state by the U.

The Energy Action Plan charts strategies for continued clean energy growth over the next decade. Strategies are recommended under five categories:. The project team worked closely with a multidisciplinary group of more than 50 stakeholders across the state to collect input on energy technologies and strategies. A webinar to provide an overview of the Energy Action Plan and discuss next steps will be held on Wednesday, October 12, 1: Register for the webinar.

Download the Energy Action Plan. The presentation will describe how Minnesota cities are getting on track to meet their sustainability goals by leveraging performance data collected through the Regional Indicators Initiative. The Initiative tracks energy, water, travel, waste, and greenhouse gas emission metrics for over 20 Minnesota cities. Tracking these metrics is helping cities like St. Louis Park understand their baseline performance, strategically plan for the future, and track their progress.

More information is available at — http: Greenbuild brings together industry leaders, experts and frontline professionals dedicated to sustainable building in their everyday work, and a unique energy is sparked. For more conference information visit https: She has over eight years of architectural design, planning, teaching, and research experience in higher education and multi-family housing.

Her work aims to balance the environmental and economic performance of buildings, creating beautiful places that foster community and engage occupants in learning. For more information, visit http: He has specialized in planning, programing, and project management for school districts across the Midwest for over 15 years.

Louis Park, and Craig Churchward. The Visual Quality Manual VQM for Trunk Highway reestablishes the stature of this historically significant beltway while honoring the community-defining connection between travelers and neighbors. Although primarily used to guide the design of the reconstruction of TH including bridges and noise walls, it also will serve as a reference for future work by any entity that would affect the public domain of the corridor.

LHB was hired in the summer of to develop the phase III restoration documents and provide construction administration services to continue the preservation of the Finnish-style housebarn. This year marks the 32 nd year in which PAM has honored exemplary projects and individuals through the Minnesota Preservation Awards. For more information, http: AIA, joins the Minneapolis office as a Designer.

Mitch Rosendahl joins the Duluth office as a Civil Designer. He has been a licensed Professional Engineer in Minnesota since Bud has over 20 years of mechanical engineering experience. Garett Henriksen joins the Duluth office as an Electrical Designer working with the pipeline group.

Zitong Wang joins the Minneapolis office as an Intern. Scott Crawford returns to the Duluth office as an Intern. Scott is currently pursuing his Bachelor of Business of Administration degree at the University of Wisconsin — Madison. Reilly Kedrowski returns to the Duluth office as an Intern. Zach Whitley joins the Duluth office as an Intern. Kavwimba Mdumuka joins the Minneapolis office as an Intern. Kav is currently pursuing his Masters of Architecture degree at the University of Minnesota.

Nick Lemke joins the Minneapolis office as an Intern. Nick begins his freshmen year this fall at North Dakota State University. He is pursuing his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering. Mauricio Leon joins the Minneapolis office as an Intern. Adam Giannini joins the Duluth office as an Intern. Aaron Fine joins the Minneapolis office as an Intern. This was one of the first projects to receive a Best of B3 Award from the State of Minnesota in the SB category for its predicted energy performance.

LHB evaluated the current day functions within the spaces and created a design that focused on integrating technology and increasing student social interactions. The multi-use functions of the space accommodate an energetic gaming area, that is visible, yet separate from a quiet study area and lounge that can be used for dining and event presentations.

The new atrium takes all of these functions into consideration while providing flexibility for the future. The newly remodeled student commons area uses only LED lighting in place of the previously used fluorescent fixtures.

For over years; its objective has been to communicate information on all aspects of good lighting practice to its members, to the lighting community, and to consumers, through a variety of programs, publications, and services.

The analysis included responses from over 73, employees at Minnesota public, private and nonprofit organizations. The list ranks firms based on architectural billings. Minnesota and Wisconsin; May 25, — Elizabeth K. Elizabeth, a Mechanical Project Manager at LHB, has 15 years of mechanical design and commissioning experience for government, education, and commercial clients.

The CDT certification demonstrates a comprehensive level of competence for those who write, interpret, enforce, or manage construction documents. The mission of CSI is to advance building information management and education of project teams to improve facility performance. For more information see http: Laura is the chair of the Minneapolis Heritage Preservation Commission and served multiple volunteer roles with the Preservation Alliance of Minnesota for over six years.

He is actively involved with the Minnesota Chapter of the U. An expert in virtual design and construction VDC and building information modeling BIM software, Daniel will be presenting three sessions at this international conference: Revit is a parametric 3D modeling and information management software being widely adopted by AEC firms worldwide.

Bennett was honored for his leadership at LHB and beyond. He has been actively engaged in economic development activities in Northern Minnesota and Wisconsin for 35 years, and is a strong supporter of higher education and workforce development.

He has been active in legislative advocacy for our region focusing on transportation, education, energy, and general business-related policy issues. Our entrepreneurial spirit at LHB has driven our growth starting from our inception in Good staff and loyal clients have been the underlying foundation of our success through the years.

Since , the Joel Labovitz Entrepreneurial Success Awards have recognized small business owners who have dared to dream, taken risks and invested in the region. Collectively, the drive donated units of blood, qualifying LHB to join the Club. As a local non-profit organization, we rely on our local partners to host regular blood drives. This allows us to collect an adequate supply for patients in our local hospitals.

It has been important to our company and staff to give back to the communities where we live and work. To schedule a blood donation appointment or blood drive, visit http: Memorial Blood Centers has been saving lives for over 65 years as an independent nonprofit supplying life-saving blood to area hospitals and other partners throughout the U. Operating 10 donor centers and conducting hundreds of blood drives each month, Memorial Blood Centers also provides comprehensive testing and expert technical services as a national leader in transfusion medicine.

Connect with us on Facebook , Twitter , and LinkedIn. Wendy Muench joins the Minneapolis office as a Lead Technician. Cleaner indoor air and more opportunities to reduce screen time to improve employee health have become the new frontier for the construction industry after years of focusing on energy and water. The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification, more commonly known as LEED, has propelled architects and builders to increase energy efficiency and reduce water consumption for years through a stringent point system created by the Washington, D.

Dana Pillai, leader of Delos Labs and executive director of the Well Living Lab at Rochester, said the approach encourages the inclusion of health in building design and functionality. Building performance metrics focus on seven issues involving health and wellness: Compliance levels are platinum, gold and silver. Professionals can get WELL accreditation.

None is in the Twin Cities, but that likely will change soon. Her colleague, architect Rick Carter, offers some other comparisons.

Employee costs per square foot are 10 times construction costs and times energy costs. A study released by Harvard University pointed out that cognitive levels of employees in green buildings were higher than those in a typical office, Dahl said. Indoor pollutants and carbon dioxide levels were lower, too, leading to higher performance, he noted. Alexander notes office layouts might change and current trends will continue.

Staircases, once ignored, are becoming front and center in many offices to encourage employees to walk between floors, she said. Instead of placing printers an every desk, a central print station forces employees to leave their screens to gather materials, Alexander said.

More access to natural sunlight and outdoor areas makes for happier employees. Treadmill desks are also beneficial. Pillai believes decent food is an overlooked virtue. At the 7,square-foot laboratory Pillai operates on the Mayo campus, building equipment has been installed to measure air flow and other factors.

People with medical conditions are tested to see how they respond to the indoor environment, he said. Of course, there is a cost to WELL. That figure increases for smaller buildings but he firmly believes it will be money well-spent for improved productivity, retention and recruitment. One of the next challenges, said Dahl, is getting multi-tenant building owners and developers interested in WELL.

CBRE also has agreed to seek certification in buildings, he added, and certify 50 employees. Owners of buildings seeking WELL certification can also feel a bit warm and fuzzy about their investment because 51 percent of net profits after taxes will go to charitable contributions in health, wellness and the built environment, said Scialla. The new 9, GSF space will include a classroom, deli, and indoor and outdoor seating area.

LHB is providing architectural, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering services. Construction is anticipated to begin near the end of , with an expected opening in mid To learn more about this project: Paul has been with LHB for nine years, and has 26 years of surveying experience.

John has over 15 years of experience in helping companies identify loss exposures by analyzing risks and recommending controls. The certification demonstrates mastery of the technical and operational aspects of HR practices and US laws and regulations. She has over eight years of architectural design, teaching, and research experience that supports sustainability goals while improving human health and productivity. Zach Whitney joins the Minneapolis office as an Electrical Designer.

B etty Powell joins the Minneapolis office as an Administrative Assistant. Angie Martin joins the Minneapolis office as an Administrative Assistant. Angie graduated from the University of Minnesota Duluth with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and has a passion for acting and writing. The McGregor Public School District unveiled its site expansion plans during an informational public meeting held Feb.

The district had purchased a parcel of land north of the school in the spring of Last summer, the existing motel and trailer park were demolished and the site was cleared and has remained vacant. This past fall, the school board began conceptualizing a site improvement plan for the newly acquired property along with the help of LHB, Inc.

During the course of three meetings, the school board and LHB identified the project goals as follows: She explained that the site expansion plan will provide the school with a better presence within the community and the additional green space will allow for additional recreational field areas for student use.

While this expansion will eliminate approximately eight current parking spots, the new parking lot located on the east rear side of the school, will provide 62 new parking spaces for a total of Additional lighting, accent lighting and a monument sign are also included in the plan. Following her presentation, Bringman invited questions from the audience. One audience member inquired about drainage, since the grade of some of the surrounding property will be slightly elevated and there are a few houses between the current north parking lot and the new entrance.

Bringman explained that new underground culverts will be installed to handle runoff and the nearby homes should not have any adverse effects from the new configuration. Other audience members inquired about potential traffic issues involving the new gateway leading directly to First Ave.

Anthony Pierce, maintenance supervisor, and Superintendent Paul Grams explained that there would be stop signs for north and southbound traffic at the corner of the auditorium within the school lot. Traffic passing east and west would pass through and have the right-of-way. At the main entrance on First Ave. Vehicles coming off Hwy. Bringman explained that a traffic study has not been done for the area but that might be warranted in the future if deemed necessary.

Another audience member inquired about handicapped parking. Bringman explained that for a parking lot of the proposed size, the district would be required to have five handicapped spaces. The current site has three handicapped parking spots. The location of these spaces will be determined at a later date. The project will be advertised for bid within the next two weeks.

Mobilization and site preparation is anticipated to begin sometime between late-April and mid-May when road restrictions are lifted with construction scheduled to be complete by Aug. The building houses about 25 full-time workers on a day-to-day basis, but up to people will be there on drill weekends. Burr said it consolidates operations that previously took place within multiple buildings.

Portions of the building will be open for public functions at times, even as other areas are reserved for everything from training to vehicle maintenance. Part of the challenge from a layout standpoint was to ensure that a large portion of the building would be secure during the week when only a portion of the building is occupied, Sieve said.

The center is expected to take it easy on energy consumption with help from a geothermal energy system, optimal use of natural light, a highly efficient building envelope and other green building strategies. LHB, a design firm with offices in Minneapolis, Duluth, Cambridge, and Superior, Wisconsin, provided commissioning services for the project.

Burr said the th Aviation Support Battalion had been looking for a new home for years. But the project had to navigate through a long process of approvals and get in line for funding. Finance and Commerce By: Brian Johnson February 9, This 49th annual competition recognizes engineering achievements that exhibit the highest degree of merit and ingenuity.

The Roosevelt Bridge in the City of Austin was built in and To maintain historic integrity, rehabilitative and replacement work to stone masonry and concrete elements had to be carefully detailed, and replacement materials had to be carefully selected. The new facility will house up to buses, maintenance, fueling, washing, operations, and rooftop parking. The project will focus on function, cost-effectiveness, and aesthetics while achieving a high degree of environmental sustainability. The project will tackle 11 blocks of underground utilities including sewer mains and steam lines as well as more visible improvements above ground.

Sidewalks, lighting, pavement, traffic signals and more are set to get an overhaul and the corridor will see some modifications for parking and other public amenities. Virtual reality used to be the domain of fantastical video games or frontier-pushing researchers in multimillion dollar labs. But as the technology gets less expensive, VR could transform the architectural world.

Boser has walked through rooms and turned on light switches. Cloud-based real estate developer. And you can literally see the shading change inside the model. But relatively inexpensive new tools like the Rift and Google Cardboard viewers have made the 3-D experiences more accessible.

Virtual reality simulations are a step above animations and fly-throughs now used by some architects. With VR, drawings come to life before workers raise the first hammer. Users experience the space at eye level — with the flexibility to change the view from that of a 6-foot man to an 8-year old child. Look up, and you might notice that the ceiling lights are hung too low.

Look down, and you might rethink that shag carpet. You can test whether the morning sun will cast a glare on your computer screen or whether putting a window in front of that giant evergreen will wreck a million-dollar view of the lake.

Beyond aesthetics, contractors can walk down a flight of stairs, and make sure the headroom is within code. A virtual tour of a manufacturing plant can verify that eye-washing stations conform to OSHA standards. After seeing how the natural light changed during the day, his team decided to add lighter wood in some areas. Virtual reality simulations also gave him confidence that people sitting at the information desk would have a clear view of the waiting area and hallways, for security reasons.

A blueprint can give you an idea, but this cements it for you. For now, virtual reality technology is being used mostly by large firms and projects with budgets big enough to absorb the costs. But as the technology becomes available to consumers, the cost is coming down.

It will be years before virtual reality tools will supplant the humble floor plan. But VR can allow designers and clients to design on the fly, easily making changes with the click of a mouse rather than the inefficient back-and-forth volleys and multiple redrafting of plans that happens now.

A middle-school maintenance worker can put on a VR headset and notice design flaws that might go unnoticed by project managers. When debates arise over expensive public projects, elected officials and citizens alike can use a Google Cardboard viewer to step inside of the proposed building ahead of public meetings or voter referendums.

It becomes a single source of truth. The software and technology remain expensive. But builders and developers such as Boser believe investing in VR at the front end, will pay off with greater certainty and cost savings as a project progresses. You want a light fixture?

He has been a licensed Professional Land Surveyor since in Minnesota, and since in Wisconsin. Ernie Overby is an Intermediate Survey Technician.

Prior to transitioning, Ernie was an Architectural Drafter for the past seven years. He is knowledgeable in CAD, and survey standards and methods. Wes Pallo is a Field Survey Technician. He has experience in topographic surveys, ALTA surveys, and construction staking. The Co-op Creamery gets its name from its address, a sturdy redbrick reminder of the s that was originally home to a busy dairy production plant.

Seward purchased the building to expand its baking, deli and sausage-making production facilities, and open a restaurant. This place is ground zero in the local-seasonal movement.

Two words of advice: Steer clear of the seitan-on-a-steam-table caricature of a restaurant operated by a natural foods co-op. From there, magic happens. From there, more heat — this time, spice-fueled — with a rambunctious house- fermented sambal, with golden raisins sneaking in a counterbalancing sweetness.

They poach like a dream, with vivid sunburst-yellow yolks and creamy whites. They make for superb scrambles get it with the insanely good brined lamb shoulder and even better omelets, each airy bite redolent of butter, just as it should be.

My favorite soup of the moment is the essence of winter squash, so lusciously velvety it is surely infused with cream. Vegetarian dishes also impress. All dinners should commence with creamy barley dressed with crisped sage and a nose-tickling hint of truffle. Meat, fish and poultry eaters also have a place at the table. At lunch, Almendinger crafts a humdinger of a burger, its overt Germanic overtones caraway-flecked sauerkraut, a boldly rye bun a welcome foil to the double-patty American cheeseburgers that are currently all the rage.

The aforementioned lamb is the backbone of a wildly decadent Reuben. Lake Superior-caught whitefish, a mellow local treasure that unfortunately gets too little play on Twin Cities menus, has disappeared for the season.

The straightforward bakery case goodies — cupcakes, cookies, éclairs — more than satisfy as do the a. One un-green, admittedly quibble, given the recent spate of subzero temperatures: Would it kill someone to please turn up the heat? A word on prices. Quickly peruse the menu, and a slight case of sticker shock is a reasonable outcome. But do the math. Link to Full Article. Donations to food shelves and charities statewide included: Becky holds three degrees: Becky joined LHB in and is based in the Minneapolis office, where she engages in a combination of sustainable building research and architectural design.

Benjamin recently graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering. Benjamin is also an Eagle Scout with Boy Scouts of America and was involved with the national organization for 12 years. Julie has over 23 years of experience in administrative positions and has her notary commission. She became a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional in and has continued her membership with the U.

Philip co-leads our Performance Services Group and is well versed in building investigation, facility assessment, material research, and historic construction methods.

Alden Smith House Reuse Study. A new tool on the B3 website mn. More than 8, buildings are included in the database, which shows how buildings are performing. They can be sorted in multiple ways. Rick Carter, senior vice president in the Minneapolis office of design and engineering firm LHB, said website users can even create their own energy consumption target for a building. Becky Alexander, a designer and associate with LHB, pointed to the Silver Creek Corner supportive housing project in Rochester as an example of why benchmarking is important.

Completed in December , Silver Creek provides support services and 40 housing units for people who have struggled with addiction and homelessness. LHB designed it to meet state standards for efficiency and performance. But a couple of years after it opened, the project team learned that the building was consuming more energy than expected.

Steam consumption was twice as high as predicted. And besides cooking for residents, the kitchen staff was preparing food for the local Meals on Wheels program, which resulted in higher propane and steam use.

But open windows were the biggest culprit. With that type of information, the design team came up with ways improve performance by using everything from fan controls to changes in the ventilation system, Alexander said.

LHB has since done a couple of projects for similar clients and has applied those lessons, Carter said. All projects that receive state bonding money are required to follow the guidelines.

Buildings in the database include state, city, county and education facilities. Brian Johnson November 25, Link to online article.

Jim will present on the Promenade of Wayzata and how the project overcame extreme challenges to transform a declining mall into a dense mixed-use development mimicking native wetland conditions. LHB worked with the Wayzata Bay Redevelopment Company to plan a unique senior housing community that extends the traditional forms of downtown Wayzata across the site.

LHB designed storm water management strategies that accompany several other sustainable and energy efficient efforts included in the project. Members represent both the public and private industries who collectively work together to advance the public works profession.

He has designed numerous sites, roadways, and sewer, storm and water main systems for several high profile building and infrastructure projects in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Building Information Modeling, or BIM, allows architects to see their designs in 3-D and get better insight into how their designs will function in the real world. LHB, a multi-disciplinary architecture, engineering and planning firm with offices in Duluth and Superior, has been using this technology for about 15 years.

This is a virtual tour of a 3-D model. Whether it is through the Oculus Rift, or Google Cardboard. Architects are able to pay more attention to the smaller details, and virtual tour goers are left amazed. LHB is creating virtual reality VR experiences for architectural, engineering, and planning designs. Virtual reality is primarily known for its applications in gaming and military fields. LHB is using VR as a method to further engage clients in the design process, and to manage project budgets by improving plans prior to construction.

The company will work with clients to determine when a project, or parts of a project should be rendered into a VR experience. For more information or to schedule an interview, contact Bill Bennett, Bill. Jason has also served as the City Engineer for a number of communities including Savage, Lino Lakes and Long Lake, Minnesota as well as working in land development for a national home builder.

The Sensible Land Use Coalition, a year-old non-profit organization is the only organization of its kind in the region that brings together stakeholders from all facets of development to learn and discuss land use issues, and build relationships that work toward a successful outcome.

Nathan has designed electrical and special systems across the country for a variety of markets including aviation, commercial, healthcare, government, and education.

Nathan is a U. University of Minnesota Duluth students and staff gathered on Tuesday to celebrate newly finished renovations at Kirby Student Center. Planning started three years ago as it became clear that the facility needed upgrades in technology, efficiency and other areas.

The footprint of the building had to stay the same, so architects designed the new interior spaces to maximize room for students. UMD reported that the two phases of the renovation have added 4, square feet of space open for all students to use. By News Tribune on Oct 20, at 7: Becky is a researcher and designer at LHB where she provides a combination of sustainable building research and architectural design services. Her sustainable building research involves collecting, analyzing, visualizing, and synthesizing data for building, organization, and city-wide scales.

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